Incredible Years

Parenting Training Program for Expat Families

Incredible Years is an evidence-based intervention program for younger children (2-8 yrs) to improve their behavior.

Incredible Years (r) is a proofed effective intervention program for families with younger children. 30 years after being developed in the USA, it has been used in more than 20 countries, including the Netherlands


The training started in a group-setting, with 6 to 12 parents. The training consisted of solid psychology foundation together with rich video materials, which can encourage parents to reflect and take actions.


We (Jinfeng Shen and Zhi Li) are dedicated to introducing this program to the non-Dutch speaking families. We can provide the training in English and Chinese (Mandarin). 


We will start the program in a workshop based in Amsterdam and Amstelveen from 2018 April. 


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