Vision, Mission, Impact

We help international-background residents to reach the Dutch primary health care system; those who usually fall in the gaps of the Dutch healthcare system because of their low proficiency in the Dutch language.


We are mapping General Practitioners and first-line psychologists who can provide services in other languages, facilitated with a toolbox to help health consumers make

a conscious choice.



Access to Health supports migrants by:

  • Offering information about foreign language speaking professionals;

  • Engaging people who are experienced in intercultural health care communication to help the less experienced;

  • Promoting health care providers with specific cultural competences;

  • Promoting health related services that exist in the Netherlands.


Key figures
Team of 3

1,5 years of existence

Geo-focus: Netherlands

Customer type: B2B/B2C

We believe

health accessibility 

should not select by language proficiency.

A good system

should be

intuitive and practical,

everyone can use. 



 Zhi Li, Founder,


Sabrina Edinger, Developer of the map

Hasan Shahoud, Developer of the map



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