Your health needs are listened here.  

We hear your stories of living abroad, facing all kinds of difficulties when you are looking for healthcare services. Followed are the most common complaints we hear, and we made a video and a map for this Odyssey. 

Are you a health practitioner ?

Your cultural background

matters ! 

We mark down health practitioners who can speak other languages on a map.
Don't let the differences in languages, cultural backgrounds hinder your accessibility to 'internationals'. 

“If I have the choice, I would absolutely choose someone who can speak my language. ” - patient

Want to access clients with cultural needs?

Are you getting lost in the Dutch system?


Help yourself by checking our on-going building knowledge bank, to access the healthcare and community resources.

Still lost? Let's get in touch!

No worries, you are not alone !

(We haven't finished the English Knowledge Bank yet. You can read the Chinese site with the help of Google Translation.


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